MajiKonnect is a financing program for the Water Sanitation and Hygiene sector for MSMEs, corporates and Water Service Providers (WSPs)

Key Features Of The Majikonnect Program

MajiKonnect is designed to accelerate financing for WSPs, corporates and MSMEs in the Water Sanitation and Hygiene sector.

  • Customized collaterals and security requirements

  • Subsidized loan costs

  • Technical assistance to support loan development and implementation

  • Flexible repayment period for up to 10 years (for infrastructure projects)

Why Majikonnect?

  • Helps increase efficiency in water service provision. Improves access to water for individuals communities and

  • Supports increase of household connections through financing of last mile projects.

  • Reduces water costs through financing of solar projects Helps attain energy savings and increase green energy

  • Reduces Non-Revenue water(NRW) through financing of M.AR.T metering and billing ERPs

  • Provides payment solutions that will enhance smooth revenue collection



  • Water works contractors

  • Water vendors and refillers e.g. water kiosks

  • Water bowsers

  • Borehole services General traders and

  • Suppliers of water related equipment and wares


  • Private water services providers

  • Public water services providers

  • Community/group water projects

  • Energy for water e.g solar, biogas, e.t.c

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    Subsidized loan costs

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    Customized collaterals and security requirements

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    Flexible repayment period for up to 10 years (for infrastructure projects)


How Can You Access Majikonnect Program?

MajiKonnect Financing is readily accessible through the following facilities:

  • MajiKonnect Loan for SME

This is a facility with a tenure of up to 48 months, specially designed to help WASH enterprises expand their businesses by accessing up to Kshs 5 million with the benefit of insurance cover on the assets purchased. This facility targets MSMEs

  • MajiKonnect Term Loan

This is a facility with a tenure of up to 10 years and agreed amounts per project cost. The target group for this product constitutes small and medium public / private / community WSP’s and select corporate size WASH entities

Loan Process


  • Customer engages RM

  • Customer prepares all required documentation as per NBK policy

  • Customer submits the application and documents to RM

Credit Appraisal

  • Bank undertakes due diligence and risk analysis

  • Assess the security provided

  • Credit approval

  • If all requirements are met, NBK extends a loan offer

Loan perfection & disbursements

  • Customer accepts the offer and the loan is processed.

  • Credit administration and disbursement of funds


  • This activity involves project monitoring, Environmental social Governance assesment

  • Financial Review based on initial project costs

  • Review of proposed disbursement

  • Review of Governance Structures and SLA’s of Customers and suppliers

Application Documentation Required For Categories

  • Copy of Business Registration (Certificate of Incorporation). Copy of Memorandum and Articles of

  • Copy of Service Provision Agreement (License to provide water and sanitation services.

  • Audited accounts for the last 3 years (For amounts of above KES 3 Copies of identification documents for Directors.

  • Copy of KRA PIN Certificate Company and Directors.

  • Latest 12 months bank statements (if not an existing NBK customer). Latest Management

  • Aged list of debtors and creditors.

Requirements For WSPs

  • Board resolution for specific engagement with NBK.

  • Letter of No Objection for the respective County Recommendation from WASREB.

  • Absrtraction license from WRA.

  • Recommendation letter from any guarantor or development partner on special arrangement.

  • Collection and Revenue Account to be domiciled at NBK.

  • Undertaking by WSP to consolidate banking with NBK for the entire term of the loan.

  • Escrow Account at NBK for loan repayments.

  • Statement report on Outstanding debts including legacy debts (from municipality) and development partners.

Interested in MajiKonnect or have a question?

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