Trade Finance

We offer support for both local and international trading by facilitating smooth flow of the transaction between the buyer and the seller while mitigating the inherent risks. 

We facilitate this by offering a range of tailor made products to suit the diverse needs of the clients;

  • Guarantees

    When tendering to provide goods/services to procuring entities or after award of the contract tendered, we  offer our undertaking to the procuring entity on your behalf to cover the risk of non-payment or non-performance.

    This is be offered through various types of guarantees:

    • Tender/Bid Bonds
    • Advance Payment Guarantees
    • Performance Bonds
    • Supply Guarantees
    • Customs Bonds
    • Warranty/Retention Bonds
    • Credit Guarantees
    • Shipping Guarantees


    • NBK guarantee application form
    • Board Resolution/letter of request
    • The format/ wording of the Letter of Guarantee (if applicable)
    • An approved Guarantee line of credit/credit appraisal

    Turnaround time for processing bid/tender bonds and cash covered guarantees is 1 Hour subject to internal approval of each request.


    1% flat for Bid Bonds

    2% per annum for Other Guarantees

  • Letters of Credit

    Let us partner with you by issuing Letters of Credit to your local or international supplier thereby guaranteeing payment of the goods supplied so long as all the specific terms of the transaction are met.


    • NBK LC application form
    • Proforma Invoice/Sale contract
    • Insurance cover or marine cover
    • Approval of the LC line of credit or cash equivalent
  • Bill, Invoice and Certificate Discounting

    We offer short term loans by advancing funds against an accepted Bill, invoice or Certificate for the services provided or goods supplied to reputable companies.

  • Documentary Collection

    For import and export transactions we also are offer document handling solution for the goods supplied/imported. This product facilitates payment against documents presented for either against sight or against acceptance.

  • Post Import Finance (PIF)

    After importation of capital-intensive assets for your business, we offer you an PIF loan that allows you to make flexible repayment plans that favors your cash flows. This product eases you from the requirement of making a one-off payment for the asset(s) purchased.

  • Pre-shipment financing

    Looking to export? Simply provide proof of an order for your products and we will facilitate the financing needed for the shipping of your goods.

  • Supply Chain Financing

    We provide short-term credit to optimize your working capital and provide liquidity for your business. This product allows you to get access to funding for valid purchase orders from reputable institutions.

  • Collateral Finance Arrangement/Collateral Management Arrangement

    We support Oil Marketing Companies in their stock purchase under the Open Tender System either as tender winner or off-taker.

    For other commodities, we support you by providing you with a stock financing facility which is tailor made to allow you to purchase the stock while holding it as collateral under a bank’s appointed collateral manager.

    The customer bears the collateral management fees and other incidentary costs.

  • Structure Trade Finance

    We offer varied structured solutions tailor made to suit your unique business needs.  This is offered within any business sector i.e. Manufacturing, oil, gas, energy, agribusiness, and telecommunication.

Interested in Trade Finance or have a question?

  • USD: Buying: 127 , Selling: 132
  • EURO: Buying: 130.60 , Selling: 153.25
  • GBP: Buying: 159.15 , Selling: 175.26
  • Canadian Dollar: Buying: 89.97 , Selling: 104.50
  • Australian Dollar: Buying: 82.22 , Selling: 95
  • Swiss Franc: Buying: 134.76 , Selling: 155.10
  • Japanese Yen: Buying: 0.7207 , Selling: 0.8968
  • Swedish Kroner: Buying: 8.887 , Selling: 15.4608
  • Norwegian Kroner: Buying: 9.1730 , Selling: 15.0203
  • Danish Kroner: Buying: 15.5265 , Selling: 19.7624
  • Indian Rupee: Buying: 1.3266 , Selling: 1.8241
  • Tanzanian Shillings: Buying: 0.0444 , Selling: 0.0557
  • Uganda Shillings: Buying: 0.0296 , Selling: 0.0408
  • SA Rand: Buying: 5.11 , Selling: 9.35
  • Chinese Yuan: Buying: 17.0100 , Selling: 19.3850
  • UAE Dirham: Buying: 31.3309 , Selling: 38.3959
  • RWF: Buying: 0.0888 , Selling: 0.1382