Transactional Services

We offer our commercial customers relevant and customized solutions that allow them to get the most value out of our services while managing their money.

  • Collections Solutions

    a) Collections in Transit

    We use a reliable service provider to provide Cash/Cheque Collection and Cash Delivery services to and fro your premises at a scheduled frequency or when the service is needed.

     b) In-Branch Collections

    Collect funds from distributors or agents at any branch into one centralized account, making accounting and reconciliation of transactions easier through information obtained at any of our branches.

     c) Mobile Collections

    Receive funds directly into your bank account from customers’ mobile money wallets from any Mobile Network Operator. Ideal for high volume low value transactions, this service with a wide geographic reach will capture customer information which is accessible through statements.

     d) Direct Debits

    Direct debits are an easy and convenient solution that aid in collecting regular and scheduled payments from our corporate customers.

  • Collection & Payments Experience

    Our coming together with key statutory bodies from the Public Sector has let to the development of efficient collection solutions that are custom-made according to requirements.

  • Payment Solutions

    Our range of automated payment services are made to not only save time but also help streamline administration. Sending and receiving money has now become a seamless and convenient endeavor for our customers.


    1. Swift

    Send funds from your account to beneficiaries abroad or locally through this highly secure electronic service.


    1. Payroll processing Services

    Enjoy the efficiency that comes with having your payroll processing done electronically. Settlement of staff salaries to other banks, financial institutions and SACCOs countrywide is a seamless and secure process.



    1. Time saving

    Reduced time spent in writing and signing numerous cheques to banks and branches countrywide.

    1. Cost saving

    Reduced cost in dispatching or mailing payrolls and cheques countrywide.

    1. Confidential

    Payroll confidentiality is maintained.

    1. Easy reconciliation

    Reduced time spent in reconciling accounts.

    1. Manage fees

    Manage fees related to payroll disbursement.

    1. Electronic Payment Services

    Our electronic payment service is guaranteed to meet the needs of you, our corporate customers. Our solutions come with the support of highly skilled staff to help with the planning, analysis, installation and implementation.



    1. Better cash management

    Better management of cash flows and payments

    1. Time saving

    Reduced time on payment enquiries

    1. Efficiency

    Assured adherence to credit terms, reduced costs of cheque issuance, mailing and reconciliations.

    1. Secure

    Maintenance of confidentiality and minimized chances for frauds associated with manual processing and interventions

  • Liquidity Management Solution

    Auto Sweep

    Increase your business savings. Through our Auto Sweep service, you can set up your current account to have enough working capital for your business, and when a threshold is reached the additional funds are transferred to a fixed deposit account to earn interest.

    Fixed Deposits

    Whether you’re on a short-term or long-term plan, we help you maximize your savings by offering good return on investment through our various deposit plans:

    1. Short Term – If you’re looking for a short-term investment, the short period agreed upon helps in fast liquidity in addition to the good interest rates offered.
    2. Term Deposits - This is ideal for long term investments. Our corporate customers are guaranteed secure money that earns good returns and can be easily liquidated.

    Call Deposits

    Watch your money grow through this interest bearing investment account that allows you to withdraw money penalty-free. You however need to maintain a minimum balance in order to take full advantage of the benefits that come with the account.

    Reporting Solutions

    Get reporting solutions that are custom made for your company’s specific needs in order for you to maximize on the service’s full benefits.

  • Channels and Electronic Solutions

    Access account information and transaction details through our sturdy online systems made to make your banking life easier and more convenient.

    Trade Portal

    Carrying our international trade transactions has never been easier. The Trade Portal is an integrated e-business solution that allows importers and exporters to connect to their banks and complete transactions with access to details of the activities.


    As the name suggests, this service allows you to make electronic payments cost effectively with minimal effort. It is ideal for high volume payments and has been employed by some notable corporate entities for salary payments. We have integrated security features that guarantee confidentiality, integrity, availability and reliability.

    NBK Online Banking

    Make transactions wherever and whenever you want. Our online banking platform is safe, secure and convenient. 


    1. User friendly

    User friendly services, quick to download and easy to explore.

    1. Convenient

    Save time by making money transfers and bill payments without visiting your branch.

    1. Access to account information

    Download your Account information into a range of money management program.

    1. Automated

    Cut down on paper work by unsubscribing to postal statements

    1. Access to online transactions

    Perform banking transactions online

    1. Pay bills easily

    Pay bills online wherever you are and when you want

    1. Access to E-statements

    Enjoy E-statement services

  • Corporate Cards

    Enjoy a simple way to pay for what you need while maintaining control and visibility over your spending. You will get to access the full benefits of this service, including support from international businesses and the ability to transact using multiple currencies at different locations worldwide.

    How we support your business

    • Have control over your expenses, as limits can be set for every individual
    • Forecast and analyze expenses and negotiate supplier discounts through detailed Management Information reports
    • Secure your payments through a range of protection features

Interested in Transactional Services or have a question?

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