NBK, DP World Sign Trade Deal

NBK, DP World Sign Trade Deal

The partnership positions NBK as a financial partner and aims to unlock access to global markets for MSME enterprises.

National Bank of Kenya (NBK) has today signed a trade partnership deal with leading global logistics provider DP World to offer e-commerce services to Kenyan traders to access goods from across the globe but mainly UAE and Asia via DUBUY.COM an E-commerce platform focusing on business-to-business import and export.

Through the partnership, NBK will offer financial solutions to buyers and sellers from Kenya while providing an avenue for them to interact and network with other traders.

Speaking during the signing of the partnership, NBK Managing Director Paul Russo said: “The partnership is designed to offer the best value to their MSME customers and allow them to effectively engage in commercial trading links with international markets and especially the UAE.”

“It spells out favourable terms for customers to access international markets while at the same time fulfilling our desire to satisfy our customers by meeting their needs for their own convenience especially during this pandemic period. We are constantly seeking strategic partnerships such as this one with Dubuy.com to ensure we provide value enhancing initiatives that will improve not only the level of service but also provide real value to our respective customers”, said Russo

On his part, Walid Hareb Alfalahi, the CEO, UAE Trade Centre, said: “as a new entrant in this market, working in partnership with a reputable financial institution such as National Bank of Kenya will enable us to better deliver our end-to-end solutions strategy. We are determined to help Kenyan business community improve access to global trade by linking them with new markets in the rest of the world".

Trade enabler, DP World, announced the launch of its global wholesale e-commerce platform DUBUY.com in Kenya yesterday.

The platform aims at expanding their markets where traders will be able to import and export in other countries.

The partnership comes at a time most MSME businesses have been hard hit by the pandemic, and the availability of this innovative product will be a boost in managing their supply chain, as they seek to recover.

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