Who We Are

Natbank Trustees and Investment Services Limited (“NTISL” or “Natbank”), a limited liability company, was incorporated in 1997 to offer investment and advisory services to clients.  Pursuant to fulfillment of all licensing requirements, NTISL was granted the requisite licenses to operate as a fund manager by both the Capital Markets Authority and Retirement Benefits Authority, Kenya.

As a licensee, we offer a range of investment products and solutions that are accessible to individuals, corporates, NGO’s, SACCO’s, Small and Medium Enterprises and the larger public.

At NTISL, we offer a variety of products tailored to meet clients’ demand and risk profile.  Our private wealth management services is available to private investors who would like to have a unique portfolio that best suits their investment needs.  We also extend our services to the pensions sector in Kenya through our segregated fund management services, the Natbank umbrella fund, the Natbank individual pension plan and the Natbank income drawdown so that we can help clients build wealth for their retirement.  We are currently in the process of registering our unit trust products consisting of equity fund, balanced fund, bond fund and money market fund.

Why Choose NatBank?

  • Market and inflation-beating returns.

  • Highly skilled personnel

  • World class research and Investment systems

  • Competitive Management fees

  • Clients can track the performance of their portfolio through our online portal.

  • Regulated by both Retirement Benefits Authority & Capital Markets Authority

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