New product geared towards boosting the bank’s penetration of retail and corporate market segments. The launch of National Amanah is part of our strategy to provide our clients with greater choice and reaching out to more of the unbanked Kenyans,” said the MD. The Islamic banking window seeks to expand our business portfolio into the retail and corporate segments. National Amanah, is targeted at retail, SME and corporate clients offering banking products and services in compliance with Islamic shariah.

What Is Islamic Banking?

Essentially, Islamic Banking refers to a system of banking that is consistent with Islamic Shariah law and guided by Islamic economics. The fundamental tenet of Islamic banking is that it prohibits the levying of interest on money. Islamic banking has grown into a specialized banking product both locally and globally

Who is to benefit from National Amana?

Though based on Shariah compliance the products and services are available to Muslim as well as non-Muslim clients without restrictions.

What are the Benefits of National Amanah?

The Amanah customers will enjoy benefits of all the banking services offered by the bank including access to mobile banking, internet banking services, 24-hour access to Auto Cash and Pesa Point ATMs countrywide as well as free initial Visa debit cards.